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Couples Therapy

Most couples seek therapy together to address troubling aspects in their interactions.  Couples therapy identifies and uses the productive and connecting dynamics that already exist between a couple in order to encourage each person to bring their best selves forward more often.

Practitioners of Couples Therapy

Katrina I. Gould, MSW, LCSW
Tina Lilly, MS, CYT, LPC-Intern

Anisha's Practitioners

Katrina Gould Katrina I. Gould, MSW, LCSW
Psychotherapy & Couples Therapy
Julia Hanfling, RD, CDE
Diabetes Educator & Nutritionist
Amy B. Johnson, ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Tina Lilly, MS, CRC, CYT, LPCi Tina Lilly, MS, CYT, LPC-Intern
Individuals & Couples Counseling
Heidi Peterson ND Heidi Peterson ND
Naturopathic Medicine

Lisa Tongel Lisa Tongel, LAc
Acupuncture & Women's Health